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We are professional and creative team with no secrets in web design and web programing with knowledge far beyond. Our enlightenment in business, science, food and beverage industry make us the proper team to reach the heart of Your business and needs! What we are and what we do is what You are looking for! We are devoted to the growth of your business on the Internet.


We build websites for all kinds of industries, but we specialize in hospitality, food and beverage, E-commerce. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US. We will go the extra mile providing you with information and ideas beyond your expectation, to turn your investment into a story of success. 


Each client has its own requirements. Our solutions are custom made both from design and programming point of view. This is how it works:



Planning of the webdesign and the web development process. Planning of the webdesign and the web development process. Analysing your company for your new website. Designing your brand new website. It's time to review the design of your new website. Developing your new website. Testing your new website. Finally your new website is ready for take-off! Supporting your new website. Helping your website with SEO & SEM.
Planning of the webdesign and the web development process.



                   Planning is the first and most important step of the development of a website.  If not planned properly the website can end up serving your needs instead of those of your visitors. Leaving your website has never been easier for the internet users.

That’s why the website should fulfill the immediate needs of the site visitors. OK, let’s stop for a moment.  Client needs differ from yours. And because of that fact, very careful steps should be taken in order to deliver what the visitors need in such way, where you get what you need by providing the things they need.
It’s all about balance.

Note: When it comes to small business, the design takes around 70% and the programming takes 30% for solving these problems, while the medium business requires the percentages to be the other way around.

Analysing your company for your new website.



                   The Analysis is made mostly from us, for us. We require it to get to know your business - things like your company branding, your audience, your old website (if you have one), etc.

The analysis is one of the foundations for the design of your new website.

Designing your brand new website.



                   Because each site we develop has a custom design, we can practically realize exactly what you like and need. Part of that process takes place when you provide us with web sites that you like, the colors you like, the layout that should be used. This is helpful because no matter how good a designer is, he can’t look into the client's mind and see what he is imagining. This is why we will keep an open dialog with you in every step of the design process.
Of course, if you don't have time we can always make a proposition for you.

Basically, the custom design helps you stand out from the crowd.

Important! We can provide you with a FREE CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGN PREPOSITION.

It's time to review the design of your new website.



                   Once we have the design ready we will ask you for review. The design can be changed up to 3 times for free in order to reach the goal - a satisfied customer.

Note: More changes can be made once the development of the website is deposited.

Important! At this point you have to make a decision. If you like what we do for you, we can shake hands and continue building you brand new CMS and SEO friendly website, after you deposit the project on the agreed price.

Developing your new website.

PROGRAMMING project deposit required


                   As from the programming point of view, your new website will also be custom made. We have developed a CMS (Content Management System) which has everything you need to add/change/delete pages from your website without having any programming knowledge at all. An important thing is also the fact, that the CMS will be strictly customized for you. This means you won't have tons of additional, hard to learn and time consuming functionalities that probably won't even work in your case. It’s an easy to learn, easy to use CMS.
At the end of the day, with the simplicity of the CMS, its speed and effectiveness will save you time, money and nerves. It’s a “Must have” investment.

Please contact us for a FREE face to face demonstration, so that you can see the CMS in action.

Note: Technologies used under the hood of the CMS: PHP, MySQL, Smarty, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

Testing your new website.

TESTING project deposit required


                   Once the approved by you design is sliced and connected to your custom made CMS, it’s time for testing. It has two phases:

  1. We test the site for any bugs, as well its browser compatibility for all major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari) and devices (PC, MAC, IPhone, IPad, Android phones and tablets) on their latest versions.
  2. You can now try your new website, fill in some info, products and images inside. We can add/change some functionalities if you want as well.

We will teach you all you need to know to work with your new CMS. But don’t worry, it’s so easy!

Note: At this point the website is deployed on our testing servers.

Finally your new website is ready for take-off!

LAUNCH full payment required


                   After you are completely satisfied with the website we developed for you, it’s time to clear the rest of the agreed payment. Once cleared, we will backup your old website and deploy your new one on your hosting server.

It’s now time to enjoy it!

Supporting your new website.



                   We provide lifetime support on every website we develop. The support includes information, bug fixing, consultation, as well as any other technical matter associated with the website. It does not include creating new modules or functionalities, design or redesign after the web site was launched.

Helping your website with SEO & SEM.

SEO & SEM optional


                   Probably there is no one who hasn’t heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The SEO process basically helps your web site index better in search engines organic results, with specific set of key words. There are many strategies out there, which require actions on content optimizing, link building, forum posting, podcasting, build supporting websites etc.  Usually the strategy is defined after analyzing the competition, and the available budget.

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